"As we persevere despite our challenges, let us remember, the goal is not to become SUPERHUMAN, but instead to learn how to be a super Human." ~ Steve Soler, Founder

My name is STEVE SOLER. One early morning in the year 2021 I walked into my 4-year-old son's room, who was still asleep. As I watched this innocent boy dream peacefully, I thought about the grim state of the world he has been born into. I often thought of this, but recently more so than ever. You see, in February of 2022, my wife and I will be welcoming our second child into this world. Although I couldn't me more excited for this, I've also simultaneously been depressed. The world is in a moral deficit that keeps getting deeper. Nothing seems to change the negative trajectory of society and I fear for the safety and wellbeing of my family.

At that moment as I watched my son sleep, I made a decision. If I want my family to follow the positive path of greatness, and not get caught up in the negativity that mainstream society so mindlessly accepts, I'm going to need to become the strongest possible role model I could ever dream to be. So, beginning January 1st, 2022, that is my mission. I'm launching this site as a sort of personal blog of accountability, where I will document my journey. I hope that by making it public I might inspire others to take on the mission for themselves. 


Now I must admit, I know this will not be easy. I have many negative characteristics that I must learn to overcome. In fact, I've been struggling with these for years; if not most of my life. Some are negative habits or behaviors; others are caused by personal health challenges. But my motivation to become the best version of myself, for my family, has never been greater. I will tap into the best personal development resources and technologies, hoping to find the techniques and solutions that stick. I'll share my findings and experiences, hoping others with similar challenges will benefit as well. And if the public interest is there, I do have a plan for a phase two of this initiative; to build an online community where we can all connect and safely share, learn, strategize or celebrate our journey towards greatness


I think what drove me the most to publicly share my journey is this; whenever I find a personal development icon, who is an inspiring, shining exemplar of who I'd want to be, I always somehow find disbelief that I could ever be that good. When we discover these people, they are already beyond the struggle and now beaming with greatness. I want to share my story from the beginning. I want to give people the opportunity to follow along with the ups and downs and feel like they can relate because they are where I am; on the path to greatness, not already there. In today's social media-driven society, people tend to filter out the reality of what makes us human, in favor of an Instagram-able worthy portrayal of themselves or their life. I want to shine a light on not-so-picture-perfect truths of the struggle to be the best version of ourselves in a world that is constantly drawing us in the opposite direction. If you choose to follow along, I welcome you but remember this; as we persevere despite our challenges, let us remember, the goal is not to become SUPERHUMAN, but instead to learn how to be a super HumanThat is the SUPER-HUMAN initiative™.

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